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    索拉管狀卷簾電機SL35002 Ф35

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    Suitable to install in the environment which is clean, not allow exposed receiver. Apply to electric rolling shutter,
    pleated Blinds, honeycomb curtain, electric screen, Venetian blinds and other products,High-precise mechanical
    route limit, can be connected with the manual switch and compatible with all SOLA control system

    · 電子限位,內置接收器
    · 國際領先的靜音專利技術,斜字齒超靜音結構設計,實現靜音運行,噪音值低至35dB
    · 無線接收器為密封盒式結構,內置于電機中,安裝方便性能更可靠
    · 精準的電子限位結構,重復定位精度可達±1°
    · 采用抗沖擊電流繼電器
    · 工業級標準CPU,工作溫度-40°~+85°
    · 元器件采用精密SMT工藝,表面防潮處理
    · 與所有SOLA控制系統兼容

    Functional features:
    · Electronic limit position, inserted receiver
    · International lead quite patent technology, Herringbone gear ultra quiet structure design Quite operation, noise level lowest to 35dB
    · The wireless receiver is Sealed box structure, inserted to motor simple installation, reliable performance
    · Precise electronic limit structure, repeated positioning precision can be up to + / - 1 °
    · Adopts anti-impact current relay
    · Industrial standard CPU, working temperature - 40°~ + 85°
    · Components using a precision SMT process, surface through moisture treatment
    · Is compatible with all SOLA control system

    應用方式 Application mode
    1.一般采用sola 35、45管徑管狀電機作為驅動力,根據建筑窗戶高度不
    1. Sola 35 and 45 pipe diameter tubular motors are generally adopted as the driving force. According to the height of building
    Windows, electric curtains of different pipe diameters are adopted, and various types of fabrics are used to achieve different
    sunshade effects; 
    2. The system can be made into one bracket two (horizontal line) and one bracket two (90-180 degree Angle);
    3. The control mode can be controlled by wireless remote control, manual switch, intelligent home control, etc.;
    4. The use effect of the overall curtain has a folded layer feeling, giving people a sense of nobility and romance.